"Take A Break And Relate"

Hey! Chris here! Welcome to the first blog post from 6 Way St. We hadn't planned on starting this blog so soon but I just got super inspired by a video I just watched entitled, "Willow Smith - Red Table Talk Exclusive", and decided to share my thoughts with you guys!  So....Lets get into it

The video was a round table with Willow Smith, her grandmother, and her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith. Its kind of long but WHAT A GREAT ROUNDTABLE! It's great to me personally because I feel, and have felt, EXACTLY where Willow is coming from. What great courage she displayed, not only putting herself in such a vulnerable place, but doing so in front of two people (Mother/father and Grandparent) who most children her age have a hard time being open and honest with for various reasons (age difference, role/position, etc). 

I believe it's very important for a child to know who their parents/grandparents are as people and not just in their respected roles. While I do believe that, I also agree with Jada's response to Willow in saying that whatever a parent/grandparent chooses to open up about to their children should definitely be in good timing. As relationships between children and their parents evolve, its important for parents to be wise in what is being shared, depending on what stage of life the child is in.

In 2008, I made a choice that changed my life forever. I decided to accept Christ as MY Lord and Savior. As a result of that my heart and my eyes were opened through God's word and the power of the Holy Spirit working in my heart. I began to ask SO many questions. One of them being, "Who are my parents?". 

From that point, the journey of understanding and forgiveness began. I started asking questions that I had never asked before about my parents, their divorce, previous marriages, victories and downfalls, etc. I was able to share things that I had on my heart for years but either never had the courage to share or never thought to ask. To this day I continue to ask questions (when I think of them of course) and it has helped me to better understand who they are, where I come from, and most of all WHO I AM.

In our society today, I think one of the problems with some parents is that they share too much of their lives with their children before their children have had time to mature to a place where they are able to comprehend it and receive it properly. As a result, many children experience difficult realities before its time and end up growing up too fast. 

Its so important for parents to be present and aware at every stage of their child's life. Its important for them and for the child. Its 2014 and we live in the age of TV and Social Media. There are a lot of parents today that miss out on that experience because they, instead of spending valuable time investing into their children, allow TV and social media to raise their kids. As a result, the children grow up not knowing who their parents are, who they themselves are, and sadly develop a distorted view of what life is all about through TV and social media. 

Here's a suggestion to starting the conversation. Get your family in one room. Turn off all electronics and simply begin to tell each other what you're thankful for about each other. I tried this with my Ma, sister, and a few of my nieces and it pretty much ended in tears lol (good tears).

COMMUNICATION. Lets talk people. The ways of old are passing away. As much as we see  the advancement of technology and the efficiency it brings to our lives, it also brings many deficiencies to our growth and development as human beings and how God has designed us to function with one another. I'll leave US with this: