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Riding on a few covers, some original lyrics, plenty of sweet harmonies and inspired storytelling, that very first set made its way into community centers, youth detention facilities, churches and street corners across the country. The very next summer, the six sat curbside in a viral video that spread quickly online. Nearly 5 years and thousands of miles later, the group formerly known as Level 3:16 is back, hitting the pavement with a new name, new music and a fresh, new sound. For 6 Way St., there’s only six ways to do it. What’s “it”, you ask?


The sound is what you get when heartfelt lyricism is driven by hard-hitting beats, turning corners with smooth neo-soul melodies, cruising naturally in an acoustic comfort zone. Occasionally detouring into the pop lane or taking the scenic route with hints of cinematic film score, it’s all w(rapped) in the youthful nostalgia of urban 90s classics. The destination? Music the 6 way: An eclectic, soulful blend of hip hop and r&b.

As far as concerts go, a 6 Way St. performance will definitely take you on a journey. Whether putting pedal to the metal with high energy crowd participation or pumping the brakes for a dramatic, thought- provoking interlude, each set is tailor made for the youngsters and the young adults, the moms and the dads, the hip hop heads, the music lovers, and everyone in between.

The members have come a long way since sitting on the curb in 2010. But all six still share a common drive toward the vision and mission of 6 Way St. Kristen (KB), Stv G., Chris T., Crystal, Kristin (K Mase), and Candace are exceptionally talented — leaders who are passionate about their personal relationships with Jesus Christ — using music and other art forms to reach their generation.

6 Way St. is more than the merge of two emcees, three vocalists, and one female deejay. It’s an intersection of six unique minds. It’s the understanding that being in a group comes with lots of twists, turns, and roadblocks. It’s a consistent reminder that you don’t always get to choose your family, but you can choose to love. And that love is hard work, because it requires going further than simply “meeting in the middle.” Doing it the 6 way means you don’t stop at halfway, but take the initiative to meet someone where they are. It’s a road less traveled, for sure.

It’s the road where 6 people realized there’s really only One Way after all.