#BARS Official Video: Directed By Chris Tabron (ShotXChris). Shot and Produced By Adam Tillman-Young (@Hillcityfoto)

Check out this recap of our most recent performance over 4th of July weekend. 

TriviaTuesday (7/8/14) - Candace of 6 Way St. beat box/hums one of her favorite classic throwback songs. 

6 Way St (@6WaySt) - Siri Reviews 6 Way St's TGFKAL EP 

DJ Wade-O interviews 6 Way St (Formerly Level 3:16) during a photo shoot in Indiana.

It Starts Now Pt. 2 - EP Promo

NEW NAME, NEW MUSIC, 4-25-14!!!!!!! 

**FREE DOWNLOAD** Our new EP "TGFKAL (The Group Formerly Known As Level 3:16)" released June 23, 2014. Listen to the FULL EP here and download it for FREE at http://noisetrade.com/6WaySt/tgfkal-the-group-formerly-known-as

Stv. G of 6 Way St. explains who 6 Way St. is.....EP Coming Soon. Stay Tuned..... Follow Us: @6WaySt www.the6way.com